I am a professional photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic. I studied Photography in Korea and graduated from Chung-Ang University with a degree in Photography. Since then, I have traveled around the world working as a professional photographer for the past 9 years. I have produced several commercial photos for online shopping malls, haute cuisine, and luxury hotels. I have also shot several portrait photos, and photographed conferences & events.


I have lived in Prague since 2017, and have been primarily photographing couples during their honeymoon trips. This means I know of the most photogenic spots around the city, and have the sharpest angles memorized.

Prague is the most beautiful and quaintest city I have ever been to. I am blessed to have the opportunity to live here, and since living here I’ve only fallen more and more in love with the city. Nothing motivates me more than sharing my love for Prague, and letting others experience how magical of a city Prague is. I hope to have the rest of the world view Prague through the same lenses as I do.